dog & cat readings

Using just a photo!


Do you wish you could talk to your dog?


Wonder what your cat is thinking? 

Imagine having an experienced animal communicator connect to them for a detailed chat and then receiving a full copy of the conversation!?! Well, look no further because that's exactly what experienced animal psychic, Lucy Day does.  

Lucy conducts all animal communication remotely so all she needs from you is a photograph - from anywhere in the world Lucy will give you both a general reading including health, personality, character and desires and PLUS she will send you the specific answer to 3 questions of your choice. 

To complete a full (2 pages A4) reading, all Lucy will need from you is a recent photograph (selfie) of your pet and their first name and your 3 questions. NOTE: I also give you a detailed reading of their personality, character, health and general happiness and wellbeing as well as the 3 answers. 


Email Reading - $97 AUD (approx 55pounds UK) - Click HERE to pay for and BOOK your reading today - simply select the animal reading product and follow the online prompts. As soon as she has the payment, she will contact you to send your photos and questions.  

'Completely Amazed!'


I'm completely amazed by your reading, everything you mentioned you couldn't have described my dog any better - I had a few giggles at his demands.  I look forward to my turn to have a reading with you next year! 


Tia. Townsville. December 2016 - Emailed Animal Reading

'Very clear and accurate!'


Thank you so much for your reading - it really does mean the world to me to have had it done! Your reading was very clear and accurate, and it clarified a few things that I thought may have been the case but wasn't 100% sure… 


..Thanks also for letting me know how about the toenails on his back paws... he has been a little sensitive with us touching them but he is slowly getting better with letting us do it...


Thank you once again.  I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into the reading.


Boris - cat. February 2020 - Emailed Animal Reading. Australia

'I was crying within the first paragraph!'


'The puppy readings are all I wanted for my birthday! It made my day and me so happy... I was crying within the first paragraph. Such a beautiful gift you have Lucy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I always hoped to know what they were thinking and now I can be an even better mum for them. I can't thank you enough. It is so special to me.


L. Townsville. September 2016 - Emailed Animal Reading