palm readings

Intrigued by the secrets your palm holds?

Wonder what your palms can say about your life? I LOVE reading palms because they never fail to surprise me with the amazing amount of information they can tell us about our personality, path and more.

If you’ve always been intrigued about palm reading and what your palm says about you, you’ll LOVE this opportunity to get a personalised palm reading by me, Lucy Day, International Psychic Coach and experienced Palmist. 

Your palms can reveal details about your… 

  • Health

  • Character

  • Personality 

  • Love profile 

  • The way you think

  • Limitations 

  • Opportunities to grow and develop 

  • Physical paths and blockages

  • Spiritual characteristics


and more! 


I’m only opening this up to a small number of people each month so book in now before I close my bookings whilst I complete my waiting list. 


Simply book in and then wait for me to request a photo of your palms. I can read for you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD as I do it all through email alone. 


Only $147 (AUD) I will create a personalised report based on your palms and send it over as a 2-3 page A4 PDF for you to keep forever. 

I'll even explain what the lines mean, so you can look for key markers on you friends' palms too! 


Want to buy for a friend? A personalised palm reading is the perfect gift for any friend who loves spiritual things and would benefit from knowing a little more about their path through life. After you book, I’ll ask you for their email address and then contact them for their palm photos. 


Book today & your reading will be completed in the new year and sent to you within 4 weeks. 

'Could not have been more spot on!'


Oh Lucy you are amazing this is amazing! I think this will really resonate with my husband and help in. Thank you so much you could not have been more spot on! 


Now I want a reading, I will jump on and join the wait list for when you are free 😄 


Claire. WA. June 2017.

Palm Reading purchased for husband as a birthday gift.

'I was crying within the first paragraph!'


'The puppy readings are all I wanted for my birthday! It made my day and me so happy... I was crying within the first paragraph. Such a beautiful gift you have Lucy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I always hoped to know what they were thinking and now I can be an even better mum for them. I can't thank you enough. It is so special to me.


L. Townsville. September 2016 - Emailed Animal Reading