Life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but if I’ve  learned one thing from working with spirit, we certainly need to make the most of the time we have here for when it’s gone, even though we don’t disappear for good, we certainly lose the ability to participate, to feel, to experience and enjoy what life has to give us. 

If only it was that easy. For us sensitives, it's hard to stop a bad mood from making us stress about everything - we can go from feeling a bit off to questioning our entire existence in a matter of hours. 


Are you struggling to see the beauty around you at the moment? Do you wish you could start off your days with more energy, more positivity AND more drive and KEEP the day that way? 


I can't stop you from experiencing tough times, but I can give you my methods for stopping negativity in its tracks and bringing positivity back into your life - FAST. 


Negativity isn’t just an emotion, it’s not just a feeling of dread or fear or worry, it’s a chemical reaction within you and unless you train your brain to create habitual positivity, you won’t just change overnight. You have to remember to think positive - the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 


Look, we all know there is ALWAYS something positive to be gleaned from this life, no matter how tough things are and how hard life seems. No matter the circumstances - life, death, despair or destruction. There is always something positive to be taken out of EVERY life experience. But life can sometimes be tough, things happen that are out of control. 

But there's one thing you do control in this life - YOUR OUTLOOK. 


I am a naturally sunny person but just like you I have had my fair share of trouble and strife and I have had to learn to create positivity in my life. A naturally unconfident person, I have learned to create confidence and optimism within ALL of the areas of my life. 


Business was always my achilles heel and I’ve had a few flops along the way, as well as the successes and I am 100% confident that it’s my positive outlook that has got me through every single tough situation that’s been thrown at me. 


But negativity? It breeds like wild flowers in a meadow and it needs taming. I know how easy it is to fall into a cycle of negativity and find yourself distracted from what needs to be done by consuming nonsense just to get away from reality. 


Reality? Hell, I take it by the horns and ride it into the future I WANT. I never shy away from reality! DAMN NO! Reality is my friend because reality is LIVING. Reality is why we are here and I am damn sure that I’m not shying away from that. 

I am known for my natural joy, my optimism and my sunny disposition - it's not always come easy but I learned how to change my habits to permanently positive and experience the massive rewards that come from harnessing a positive mindset. 


If all of this makes sense to you - if this is making your juices flow and making you want, no ‘need’ to create more positivity in ANY area of your life - be it your work, relationships, friendships, home life, whatever it may be - I have the answer for you. 


Need some sunshine? Let me show you how to create your own.

My action inspiring 7 Day Audio Course ‘Purposefully Positive’ will pull you by the hand into  more positive future, inspire, motivate and encourage you to create more positivity in your life and create positive change. 

In 7 days, I will inspire you to look differently at your life, to train your brain, your consciousness and your body to seek positive outcomes and create happiness from within. 

I will show you how to live a life of positive purpose and how to harness your inner power to stop negativity from keeping you from the happiness and positive future you deserve. 

I truly believe that we can be on the verge of depression and pull ourselves back to a happier momentum by creating positive change in our lives. Everything starts with awareness - once we know we aren't as happy as we'd like to be, we can commit to improving the parts of our lives that aren't making us happy. 

You’re invited to go on a 7-day journey with me to tranform your negative thoughts into positive action and literally change the way you approach each and every day of your life. 

Are you ready to kick negativity to the curb? Are you keen to wake up each and every morning with purpose and positivity? 

Every day for 7 days you will have me in your inbox every morning bringing you a brand new audio training to retrain your brain, shift your thinking and bring sunshine back into your life, on YOUR terms. 

The 7 days starts on the day you sign up - the audio can be accessed whenever you wish and as often as you like. Listen and re-listen as much as you desire - these audio trainings are yours to keep

Delivered to you wherever you are in the world, this training is packed full of inspiration, insights and intuitive messages to create change that is tailored entirely to you. 

Buy now for only 
only $77 Australian Dollars!

OR... Click here for an after pay style plan - pay only $19.50/week for 4 weeks & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $78) - PAYMENT PLAN





Everything I’m passing on to you through this training has been tried and tested by yours-truly. Every technique, insight and piece of wisdom has been learned personally through my own lessons and learnings from those I have worked with. 

This unique course is ALL ONLINE (delivered by audio) so you can listen at your own pace from anywhere in the world. I love the audio aspect for its flexibility and impact - change your mindset FOR GOOD and get fired up and inspired TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE in less than ten minutes a day. 

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN... and then follow the journalling questions to get you thinking about your personal situation. This is not WORK and it's not something you will feel you'll 'have to do', in fact, you will look forward to receiving the next day's session...

"Life is too short to be spent on a roller coaster of emotions. Imagine waking each day knowing that you're going to be in a good place, that you can control your mood and your daily outcomes"

When you buy my Purposefully Positive Training, you’ll receive DAY ONE's audio training, created and recorded by me. 

Never done an audio course before? I was always a bit put off by online learning, until I realised how transformative AUDIO is. It's far more impactful than sitting with lots of sheets of work to do or trying to read through books when you're busy and have other priorities. To be able to learn on the go is GOLD!  I've made this training REALLY SIMPLE to play and use. I've created it so it's EXACTLY like having me sitting next to you, working with you except you can listen anywhere - in the car, whilst making dinner, during your lunch break - you can literally change your life in a ten minute window by learning new techniques and shifting your mindset.  

Your training will be sent to you via email and includes: 

  • Your easy to follow, audio training.

  • No complex jargon or stressful tests or 'work' to do. Just listen and learn.


  • This paced audio allows you to take your time to follow the training. You have Life-time access to this audio - listen at your pace!


  • Listen on your iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, TV, PC or Laptop. 


When you start Creating a Positive Path : Purposefully! You will also get exclusive access to my Private Facebook Community Group to share your learnings and receive the collective energy and wisdom that comes with transforming alongside like-minded people from who you will glean even more wisdom, support and encouragement. 

Every day contains mindset work for you to do after the audio which further cements your new mindset and helps you to relate all of the learning to you as an individual. 

Invest in yourself and you will get results that last you a LIFETIME. 

This is powerful, life changing and life affirming stuff.

Your antidote to rubbish TV! Sit in your pjs with your phone / laptop and a glass of wine and change your life for the good, for good, instead!!!

Who is this course for? 

  • Down more that you're up? 

  • Feel depressed sometimes but fine at other times? 

  • Struggle to stay motivated?

  • Want more out of life but regularly feel flat or unmotivated? 

  • Wish you could maintain a positive mindset? 

  • Don't want to rely on external events to make you happy? 

  • Like the idea of creating positive change in your life? 

And also if you: 

  1. Have started a journey of self discovery and need the motivation to keep positive

  2. Are looking for some sparkle in your life

  3. Want to be able to face whatever life throws at you with a more positive outlook 

  4. Enjoy self development and want to learn more about creating a positive life 

  5. Fell like you need some motivation, guidance and support on your path to a happier future

  6. Enjoy learning about how your mind works and what you can do to create more happiness and optimism in your life in order to gain energy for new projects

In essence, everyone can benefit by Creating a Positive Path...

Joy is contagious!

Join now for 
only $77 Australian Dollars

OR... Click here for an after pay style plan - pay only $19.50/week for 4 weeks & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $78) - PAYMENT PLAN

'Creating a Positive Path' covers: 

  1. The science of positivity - why negativity becomes habitual

  2. How your thoughts become your reality - and how to control them

  3. Keeping the big picture alive - living a life of purpose

  4. Purposeful procrastination - when to stop and take stock

  5. Responsibility works - how to make it work for you

  6. JFDI - the secrets of getting on with life

  7. Learning trust - of yourself and others

  8. Banishing negativity - and embracing a bad mood

  9. Lessons all around - learning from everything

  10. How to create a positive routine - wake up with enthusiasm for the day


and MUCH MORE!  

"I finished your From WHO? To YOU! course a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the content and self discovery experience. I want to continue on with my self discovery and mind work with you and am really interested in the new course you have on offer - please can I register for the 7 day Creating a Positive Path course?"

A. Townsville, Australia.

What happens next? 

Sign up for my 'Creating a Positive Path' 7 Day Transformative Training Series today and the first day's training will be sent straight to your inbox ready for you to play, for the following 7 days you will receive your super-shifting, mindset-motivating training each and every day. 

Question? I'm happy to help - send me an email to today and I'll send you a personal reply. 

Let's start the journey and shine some sunshine into that life of yours...  

PS: 'Creating a Positive Path' is the perfect follow up to my mindset-shifting 10 Day Audio Course 'From WHO? To YOU!' - if you've not completed my flagship course yet, it compliments this training beautifully - assisting you with the big picture questions that will help you to really understand who you are. Find out more about 'From WHO? To YOU!' by clicking here


Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium 

The Modern Medium. 

  • Professional Psychic Medium 
  • Qualified Life and Business Coach 
  • Published Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop Teacher & Mentor

Lucy is a highly experienced Psychic Medium, working with people across the globe to achieve contentment, alignment, peace of mind, success, harmony and spiritual connection.

Living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia, she is originally from the UK. Some years ago now, Lucy decided to 'take her own advice' put her ultimate faith in her Intuition to change EVERYTHING.


From her successful role as the Head of a Pharmaceutical company, Lucy left it all to embrace her TRUE identity as a Psychic Medium and move her family to her spiritual home, 13000km from everything she knew. 


Lucy now serves as a bridge between this life and the next, a channel for spirit, a seer of the future and a catalyst for spiritual change. 

Learning with Lucy Day is a personal and unique experience - a launch pad for an exciting new lifestyle or career or simply a way of connecting further with yourself, friends and family.